Crypto Asset investing is akin to liquid venture capital

Crypto asset investing requires the application of public market investment techniques plus access to and understanding of venture-stage tech investing. This dynamic landscape demands active portfolio management and flexible investment strategies. Consistent alpha generation from digital asset investing requires dynamic tools to execute specific processes inside a well-defined investment framework.

Our Investment Strategy

Iron Key Capital combines quantitative trading techniques to manage risk with a thesis-driven venture style research framework, focusing on enterprise adoption of utility driven digital assets. Given that crypto investing is like liquid venture capital, we systematically take profits and tend to cut losers fast and concentrate on our high-conviction theses across various sectors of the digital asset ecosystem.


Who We Are

Iron Key Capital is a group of entrepreneurs, financial professionals, digital asset investors, and technology and cybersecurity experts. We operate a digital asset hedge fund that invests people’s money into emerging digital assets. IKC was founded on the principle that actions rooted in passion bring about lasting change for humanity, and digital assets will usher in a new era of accountability for mankind.

What We Believe

We believe that we are obligated to be shepherds of this technology, and educate the world on the important role digital assets play in securing our future. We also believe that scarce digital assets are the most important asymmetric return asset of this decade and belong in any intelligent investor’s portfolio, given the massive amounts of government spending on top of an increasingly large deficit compounding on top of an increasingly untenable debt level with no end in sight.

Interested in learning more?

Joseph Argiro

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Joseph is an entrepreneur and investor with a 10+ year track record of outperformance, investing in financial services, fintech, and emerging technologies. After an unsuccessful attempt to utilize Lehigh University’s servers to mine bitcoin in 2015, he unintentionally became an expert in the platform business model while building an education technology company that connected active college tour guides to prospective students. Joseph believes that blockchain technologies are the next evolution of the platform business model, given that their values largely accrue from network effects.

In 2017, he joined the crypto startup, performing data-driven investment research on emerging blockchain projects. After the 85% price drawdown in 2018, Joseph went on to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to work in their innovation lab focused on blockchain solutions.

Joseph has performed over 10,000 hours of blockchain and digital asset research in the last 6 years and holds a B.S in Analytical Finance and Systems Engineering from the Honors Business and Engineering program at Lehigh University.

Kevin Cage

Investment Advisor

Kevin is a macro investor, crypto enthusiast, and trader who has helped many over the past four years navigate through the cryptocurrency market. Discovering Bitcoin in 2013 from his Economics Professor, he was actively trading in the FX Market as well as the Stock Market at the time. He continued learning during his career as a Client Solutions Executive for one of the Top Fortune 500 Companies focused on enterprise cybersecurity and also worked in Argentina in International Trade.

Being a postgraduate after the 2016 Bitcoin Halving, he started a YouTube Channel in 2017 to discuss the cryptocurrency space. Since then, he has grown his channel to over 100,000 subscribers with over 16 million views. He has put in well over his 10,000 hours of experience thanks to crypto, which brings his two passions together, investing and technology. He has had some firsthand financial success in the crypto market and loves sharing his experience to inspire others.

He holds a B.A in International Trade with a Double Minor in Finance & Economics.


Chief Investment Officer

“Crypto Quantamental” is an award winning published portfolio manager with experience in multi-asset allocation portfolios including strategic long term portfolios such as foundations and pensions.

This includes a futures macro strategy delivering > 2 Sharpe, 7 successful mutual funds, and 2 hedge funds. These mutual funds have won numerous awards such US Large Cap Institutional Strategy of the Year 2019, ESG Strategy of the year 2019, PSN Top Gun, Investors Business Daily Best Mutual Funds 2020.

He has been named a Rising Star in Mutual Funds by Fund Intelligence and Pension Bridge.

Dustin Douglas

Head of Operations and Strategy

Stanislaus Tandelilin

Venture Fellow

Erik Roll


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